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Finned Tubes

GEA Aircooled Systems manufactures various types of aluminium, copper, stainless steel and galvanised carbon steel finned tubes, according to customer specifications in terms of working temperature, ambient temperatures, corrosive atmospheres, etc.

Extruded Fin
Application: High-efficiency fins for various temperature applications, giving the base tube complete and permanent protection against atmospheric corrosion. The extruded fin is very robust and resistant to mechanical damage, allowing the fins to be easily cleaned with steam or water.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°C
Manufacture: A carefully degreased core tube is fitted into an aluminium sleeve. This assembly is then fed into the triple-spindle finning head of the fin-extruding machine. Three special multidisc packs extrude the aluminium tube into helical high fins, reducing the inner diameter of the sleeve to give firm pressure contact with the base tube.
Fin Material: Aluminium.
Base Tube Material: Any metallic material.


G Fin (Embedded or Grooved Fin)
Application: High-efficiency fin for high temperature applications.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 400°C
Manufacture: A helical groove is formed in the base tube without removing any material and the fin is then wound into the groove under tension, followed by backfilling and knurling of the displaced material to lock the fin root into the tube.
Fin Material: Aluminium/copper/stainless steel.
Base Tube Material: Any readily machinable material.


Double L Fin (LL Fin) & L Fin

Application: Standard fin for low-temperature applications where some degree of tube wall protection is required.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 120°C  

The fin foot is pre-formed into an L shape and applied to the base tube under tension. Each fin abuts an adjacent fin, giving a degree of protection to the base tube in less aggressive environments.
Fin Material: Aluminium/copper.
Base Tube Material: Any metallic material.



Hot Dipped Galvanised Elliptical Tubes with Rectangular Fin

Application: This finned tube is optimally shaped and has excellent thermodynamic properties. The fin collar forms a permanent metallic bond with the tube. Corrosion resistance is excellent, thanks to hot-dip galvanising, which produces a protective, self-healing, outer-layer. The design is compact, resulting in a small heat exchanger bundle face area. 
Maximum Operating Temperature: 350°C 
The fins are first punched out and then lined up automatically on the tube. The end fins are fixed. Integrated spacers in the fins maintain the desired gap between adjacent fins. The use of a specially developed hot-dip galvanising bath produces the best possible metallic fin-to-tube bond and results in excellent heat transfer and mechanical properties.
Fin Material:
Steel (galvanised).
Base Tube Material: Steel (galvanised).

  Galvanized Finned Tubes